Getting Past The Twitter 2000 Limit

Getting Past The Twitter 2000 Limit

How You Pass The Twitter 2000 Limit Successfully!

Why did Twitter set a Limit at 2000 followers?

The Twitter 2000 Limit let’s all of us know that the goal is not to get 1000’s of Twitter Followers quickly.  The Founders of Twitter wanted us to find our, “Family” or “Entourage,” as some would like to call it. Just don’t go crazy and start spamming the crap out of everyone. Or they will put an end to your account.

Let’s get right to conquering the Twitter 2000 Follower Limit. Ready?

Here’s what you do!

  1. When you’re starting out, try to add 500 followers over the weekend. You’re doing it on the weekend to make sure that your first 500 Twitter followers are quality followers, that at-least don’t use an avatar for their personal picture. I really don’t like talking to Daffy Duck ,Tron, or pets any more.  Even though I love all three of those things, over 80% of the population (and me) prefer to see a real live human being’s picture on their Twitter profile especially when trying to overcome the Twitter 2000 Limit.Most of us like to think there is a real Human Being on the other side.
  2. You’ll need some reasonable software right now because you need an assistant for this step! No getting around this one.
  3. I’m not putting an affiliate link in here cause you’ll pass it on. Use It’s your choice, either click this or use a browser/copy and paste this address. Their service is easy to understand and will help you pass the Twitter 2000 Limit.
  4. Add relevant friends(don’t be afraid to think outta the box[]), but always remove friends 36-48 hours later – then add friends again. Don’t pay attention to people who:
    1. Have a service that tells them who un-follows them( . . . Yes,  you will get over it).
    2. Are abusive.
    3. Tell you that they’re the (only real deal – blah blah blah).
  5. Don’t let people divert you from your goals when trying to get past the Twitter 2000 Limit: i.e. Waste your time!
  6. Here’s The Piazza De Resistance :  Get and keep your ratio of “Followers” (people who follow you-your followers) and “Following” (people who you are following-your friends), within 50-150 range of each other when you’re really close to the 2,000 twitter barrier. Let’s say 1850 followers and 1998 that you are following and then unfollow everyone that is not following you. Find one person that has over 50,000 followers and add 500 of their followers to your account.  Keep doing this until you have crossed over the Twitter 2000 Limit of followers.
  7. You will eventually get past the Twitter 2000 Limit and should be  home free!  
  8. Get MORE Help on Common Twitter Mistakes Here.  These 10 tips will help you Avoid Common Twitter Mistakes as you get past the Twitter 2,000 Limit.
  9. Do not stop building your Twitter account. It will be very valuable to you in the future.So go ahead now and conquer that Twitter 2000 Limit.


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