TweetAdder Pros and Cons

Tweet Friend Adder for these simple reasons:

  • Full Automation Performance -Set & Forget
  • No monthly or re-occurring fees
  • Free unlimited Software Updates & Helpful Support
  • Simple and Easy to Understand and operate
  • Lets you control several Twitter Profiles at once

Know and understand the power and mechanics of Twitter – Before you start buying twitter tools – Learn about and Beware of these Common Twitter Mistakes!

Automate your Twitter Promotion and Online Marketing

Twitter is the place to go to find like-minded followers and get your message out quickly.

What we like about Tweet Friend Adder:

They do what they say they are going to. So many tools out there are just high-priced hype and junk that you can either find for FREE, or don’t work. Tweet Adder does what they say they are going to do.
You really do get these features -We love these

Tweet Friend Adder features:

TweetAdder lets you manage more than one twitter profile -which means that if you have clients you can manage your profiles AND their profiles for them – An added service for your business that puts money in YOUR pocket.

Automation Features that don’t let you follow the same person twice, lets you block certain, specific people.

  • You have full control of the maximum number of followers you can add on a daily basis, plus you can stop following once that limit has been achieved – without having to worry about whether or not the program is working and it doesn’t need constant monitoring.
  • With random delay settings you choose what time intervals between following, unfollowing, tweeting, and direct messaging!

Let the software work for you by setting up your tweets in advance and letting them filter throughout the day on a schedule you set up ahead of time.

You have two formats to welcome new followers and to communicate with your list of established followers.

No pesky monthly or re-occurring fees because you are getting a lifetime license with your purchase.

And, you can install on up to 3 of your computers!

Support is amazing – And it is available to you on an unlimited basis!

It is user friendly for the less technical minded folks – A Real Bonus for most of the people we know!

What we don’t like about Tweet Friend Adder so much:

Changes in Twitter may require some downtime with your interface while the bugs are worked out.

It works best with up to 6 twitter accounts. which is perfect for us, because the unlimited account option is a little spendy, if you are on a tight budget, otherwise it is a tool you must not leave out of your tool chest.

Free is always a good price, but to really get the best deal, you’ll want to get the license and use the multitude of other options available with that – Truly the best pick!

You can’t pick your followers according to whether or not they only have the standards twitter profile pic. It is our experience that these aren’t the best people to follow.

Our Tweet Friend Adder Recommendation & Conclusion:

Tweet Adder is our best choice. It works great, give us the stats and info we use and we can use it daily. If we had other choices, we would pick this one – TweedAdder – Because it works for us!

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