Why All The Fuss About The Trump Network

The Trump Network-Multi Level Marketing Or . . . 

A Trump Network Deal Review

The Trump Network is creating the biggest “Buzz” since Amway came on the scene many years ago. Donald Trump and his Trump network have definitely left a thunderous mark on the Business World and he continues to jet his way from, “deal to deal.”

His most recent presidential win gives impetus to any move (personal or business) Trump makes from that historical day throughout his lifetime.

Network Marketing has quickly become the peoples choice for an added income source.

New companies are launching in record numbers as more and more of us are looking for an easy way out. But is it so easy.

Do you just sign up with The Trump Network and watch the money come screaming in.

Facts tell us that only 3% of all Network Marketers will make any money.

And this doesn’t mean that all 3% will become Millionaires. In fact,only 1% will become top earners.

So is The Trump Network this magical company come to save us all and vault us to financial freedom?

Most of us have been through the hype once or twice before. We’ve followed the traditional methods of trying to convince friends and family that we have finally found the freedom machine.

Then, just two years later the same claim is made to the same friends and family members.

The Trump Network must do things differently.In this day and age of savvy entrepreneurs. A superior product or service is not enough.

There is a new breed of Online Network Marketing Professionals today and those that think they can just join in and compete with them will have a rude awakening.

The market will quickly brush aside anyone that has not done their due diligence.

If you don’t manage your brand, somebody will do it for you, and that somebody will likely be your competitor.” ~ Donald Trump

Two things will make you a true competitor.

First and most important:

You need to find a recognized Mentor with an incredible track record.


You Must Take Action.

Those that think about it or believe the timing is wrong should keep their jobs and hope things don’t get worse.

The Trump Network or any other Company will not magically make you wealthy.

There is work to be done if you want to make $10,000.00 per month.

Let’s get right to the point. Donald Trump is a monster in the business world.

You get out of his way when he enters a room or if he decides to compete against you. It doesn’t matter if he’s never done something before.

There is an old saying “It’s who you know that matters.” That statement is powerful and true.

Donald Trump’s sphere of influence is so massive and filled with prominent names that most of us will never achieve that level in two lifetimes.

The fact that he purchased another junkyard dog to transform, has created quite a stir in the Network Marketing world.

Is The Trump Network is here to stay?

I have my doubts that they will create tons of Millionaires. Network Marketing is not an easy venture.

Sure…the leaders pump you up and tell you there is,  “Gold In Them Thar Hills!”

I’ll tell you right now..You’re warm market will not cut it unless you find 5-10 awesome marketers with warm markets as long as Coney Island and armed with the expertise of, “Online Marketing.”

Even For The Trump Network, Statistics do not lie

Only 3% will make substantial money and it does not have to be from the first people that get in the game.

Believe me…I’ve seen it happen many times.

Don’t get sucked into the hype.

But then again..”Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained!”

I’ve been in the network Marketing game for almost 18 years and have seen many people get hurt and disillusioned.

The hype and the canned pep talks are all the same. There is no difference. This is by far one of the Best courses I have taken. It is to The Point, Packed with solid Information and has a no-nonsense approach. It also tells you the truth and reveals some great secrets most Marketers don’t want you to know.

Most people will not own up to their failure because it doesn’t feel good and they probably don’t want to hear the old, “I told You So.”

Your so called upline will not tell you what you need to hear in the beginning.

It will all be promises of unlimited help, they will give you some of your downline. Warm fuzzies about how you can sleep at their home.

Here is the truth about The Trump network – Or Any Network:

You must already have training and know how to promote your business online or as a newbie you are sunk.

Things may go well in the beginning if you are just targeting your, “warm Market,” but that will come to an abrupt halt if there is no more warm blood to be had squeeze.

I know….others will tell you that you didn’t try hard enough, or it takes time for some to come around to our thinking.

They will tell you there will never be another opportunity like this…ever.

Just wait a couple of weeks and I’ll guarantee you that another MLM will pop up

Just go to http://npros.com and see for yourself.

The Trump Network – My Predictions:

My prediction is that there will be many brushed to the side.

There will be many that continue to give up the monthly fees hoping that things will turn around. They will not.

You must get educated on your own like we did.

It is the only way to make it online or in traditional Network Marketing, the Trump network, or any online marketing adventure you take on!


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