Social Bookmarking=Quality Backlinks: Social ADR Review

Social Bookmarking and Building Quality Bookmarks Takes Time: Review Reviews Social ADR Social Bookmarking and Backlink Building Effectiveness

Once you get started in your internet marketing business you quickly realize that it is a lot of work and begin to explore and evaluate the tools available to you that truly help minimize your work so that you can concentrate on the business of making money.

That is what everyone we know does.  The hard-core marketing professional will refuse to give up and keep trying everything they know of to help them automate every process they involve themselves in.

If you do not, then you will quickly bury yourselves in  work, then you burn out, then you give up.  Don’t be THAT person!  Staying power is what you will create wealth with.

To develop Staying Power you must invest  in a wicked internet marketing tool chest filled with impenetrable armor!

There is more to building an online internet marketing business than just one product. In this information age – Knowledge is Power.  You need to know how to get from point A to point B – You need information.  For ideas on where to start try the categories at maximum store.  Starting With A through Z in Internet Marketing books, C’s, DVD’s, Kindle Books, eBooks, videos, and . . . MORE!  Get answers

Social ADR is one of THOSE tools for us!  We wanted it easy and fast and effective and we got ALL of that with this social bookmarking tool. That’s why we think that Social ADR Rocks!  Try it yourself – SocialAdr – up to 420 backlinks per month…for FREE!

Social ADR Highlights:  What we found with Social ADR:

Super fast, just 1-2 minutes a day – We spend more time on it than this, but we would not have to if we didn’t want to add our own personal touches.

Bookmarking sites maintained constantly – 
This is so cool!  They do it so you don’t have to.
No need to wait for the work to complete – Just input the information you need and want to and log out to go about your business of making money!

  • Links site from multiple accounts – Time Saver!
  • Works from any computer, anywhere, any time – We use several computers and travel so we use off-site computers too!  AND, we don’t worry about the “crash” factor linked to the other programs we tried.

Automatically upgraded on a frequent basis   – A real time saver for people who are upgrading manually now!

We tested the system for free to get started and quickly upgraded to take advantage of the best system we could find.

One of the newer benefits that we haven’t used yet is the Twitter Integration.  But we plan to investigate that feature before the end of the year.

Is a system that actually works to push your ranking up the Google ladder.

What to Watch Out For With Social ADR:

We have heard rumblings about the bookmarks from Social ADR.  Some people report that there are some backlinks that haven’t been indexed by search engines yet.  We monitor ours closely and have not experienced this to the extent that some uses have.  But, because it has been mentioned by others, it is worth taking a look at.

For those newer to internet marketing, you may find that Social ADR has been noted to use backlinks to no-follow tagged social bookmarking sites.  This means that when a search engine “sees” these links, that it doesn’t recognize them for their ‘ranking potential,” in relation to your site.  That is because no-follow means that search engines disregard these links.

Our experience was that it was still a good idea to trade links with other sites.  These can provide your site and your products with a strong marketing presence.  That was our experience.

Social ADR – Maximum Marketer concludes:

Being able to try a system for free is well worth your time.  That’s how we tried the system and one reason why we think so highly of it.

Our Choice for Social Bookmarking and Quality Backlinks is Social ADR.

We were looking for a system to help us make money online and we found one we like a lot:    SocialAdr – up to 420 backlinks per month…for FREE!