Psychology of Marketing Colors

Marketing – Color and It’s Significance

Using Colors to Brand and Enhance Your Marketing Efforts

What’s in a color?  Nearly everything.  Millions of dollars  are spent every year by advertisers on research to help them decide which colors to use to promote their products to the public.  Demographics and marketing psychology are analyzed to determine the best product strategies and colors, and website design colors.

Online marketers tell you to, “Test, test, test, your headlines, visual aids, and word placement AND Font COLORS in headlines, sub headings and paragraph body, so that you know what sells the best.”

Those same people say (preach) that without testing you are aiming for a dartboard in the dark.  And, they are so right.

Psychology of Marketing Colors-Maximummarketer-com-mischellewatkins

It’s about the relationship of color to peoples feelings and whether you are aiming for their “Buy” color or their “Hit” color . . .

In other words whether or not your getting people to “Convert” the clicks they make on your marketing materials to a “Buy,” frame of mind – A “conversion,” or if they are only, “Hitting” and skipping away from your site, and your materials – A “Hit”

A Hit is not an automatic  conversion, but many many online marketers will show you smoke and mirrors by trying to convince you that these two things are the same and that their services will get you, “Unbelievable hits” that they assure you will convert to “Sales.”  Well, that’s just Bull$hit (I mean Crap).

So, what’s the BIG DEAL with Color and Marketing.  We assign human-like qualities to colors and as a result, we give products ‘personal traits.’  Because we believe that these colors  have meaning in our lives, we buy things based on those assigned value judgments.

Here’s some color tips marketers use that will help you decide for yourself what colors to use:


  • Upside:  intelligence, love, loyalty, security, tranquility, and trust
  • Downside:  coldness, fear, and masculinity


  • Upside:  classy, dramatic, friendly, and protective
  • Downside:  death, evil, and mystery


  • Upside:  conservative, earth, friendly, longevity, and outdoors
  • Downside:  conservative, and dogmatic


  • Upside:  crisp, conservative, dependable, and flexible
  • Downside:  boring, conservative, and dull


  • Upside:  intelligence, reliability, security and solid
  • Downside:  conservative, gloomy, and sad


  • Upside:  traditional, prosperity, valuable, and wealth
  • Downside:  alienating, fearful, and unapproachable


  • Upside:  growth, fertility, freshness, healing, and money
  • Downside:  envy, guilt, and jealousy


  • Upside:  courage, confidence, friendliness, and success
  • Downside:  ignorance, and sluggishness


  • Upside:  compassion, feminine, healthy, happy, playful, and sweet
  • Downside:  femininity, immaturity, and weak


  • Upside:  ambition, luxury, nobility, royalty and spirituality
  • Downside:  moodiness, and mystery


  • Upside:  energy, heat, love, passion, power, and strength
  • Downside:  anger, danger, and warning


  • Upside:  glamorous, graceful, high tech, and sleek
  • Downside:  detached, indecisive, and unenthusiastic


  • Upside:  healing, protection, healing, and sophisticated
  • Downside:  envy, and femininity


  • Upside:  clean, easy, fresh, goodness, innocence, and purity
  • Downside:  cold, insensitive, sterile


  • Upside:  bright, creative, energy, happy, intellect, and sun
  • Downside:  irresponsible, and unstable

The most important element in choosing a color to represent you is that the color you choose needs to speak to who you are, what you are trying to project into the universe and how you want to be remembered.  Pick your favorite product – What color comes to mind . . .

Think of your favorite  color right now – don’t second guess yourself, just write it down and note all the qualities you have assigned to it, yourself, then compare those to what is listed here for that same color.  Be brave, Be bold, Be yourself, Be different.

To figure out if it is THE BEST color choice for you in regard to your marketing strategy you are going to have to do what the experts tell you to do, . . . “Test, . . . Test, . . . Test.”


Mischelle Watkins