Use Social Media to Find New Customers

Social Media Is The Game Changer In Attracting New Customers

Demographics Define Advertising With Social Media – Millions of Potential New Customers Agree


“To reach potential customers with social media you must FIRST get your head out of the sand.”

It’s a tough economy and business owners are using everything within their means to reach new customers.  It’s time to think out of the box and reach out to new customers with social media methods.

For some this task is simple, but for those of us just getting started, we need a few tips and ideas on just exactly HOW to reach people without sounding like too daunting a task . . .

To use social media to get in touch with potential new customers you first need to get a few things in order.  These tips on how to use social media to reach potential customers helps you get started.  For more tips and ideas see this other helpful article.

For instance, Did you know that (At the time of this writing):

  • A new Youtube video is uploaded every minute over  a  48 hour period
  • FaceBook has over 1 billion + subscribers
  • LinkedIn has over 212 Million subscribers
  • 85% of the population has internet access and 95% of those people are 55 years old and younger
  • 62% of the population browse an online social network
  • 31% of the population has a smart phone and of those, people, 46% are 18 – 34 Years old
  • FaceBook is growing in ad sales while other social media and other advertising is decreasing in ad sales
  • 37 million pages in FaceBook are business pages
  • There are over 425 million mobile device users – 57% are female, 43% are male
  • There are 2.7 billion “Likes,” on FaceBook and 250 million photos

Because the nature of social media changes so quickly, information is always being updated, however, when it comes to connecting with real people – The principles of integrity and fairness NEVER change.  One book I highly recommend because of this is, Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

1 – Set Goals.  Use Short term, medium term, and long term goals and map out your strategic plans according to those goal timelines.

2 – Write all of your goals down – Yes, all of them, so that you can hold yourself accountable to results – Use a spreadsheet to track and monitor your progress and test alternative goals and plans.  Test EVERYTHING to make sure it is working.

3 – LISTEN to where your potential customers are hanging out at and what people are saying about Y O U!

  • Where are those people?
  • How are they likely to engage in a conversation?
  • What do they like?

For more tips on where and how to get this information, see this article on, “The Power Of LISTENING.”

4 – You must have an account with these social media people and be active with them there – YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Linked In, and anywhere else your customers are hanging out at – Like Pinterest, for example.  But, FaceBook is a “Must!”  Facebook Insider Tip In 2012 89% of ad agencies spent their primary ad dollars on FaceBook ads.  The money spent on FaceBook ads in 2011 = $3.154 Billion.

5 – Build your own environment for a place for people to go to – A FaceBook Page for your business and think of creative ways to get people to “Like” your Business Page!  One fella sent out a message that for every  new “Like”  to his business page, that he would donate $1.00 to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure Cancer Foundation – He donated over $800 in less than one week – he owns a mortuary.  Be creative!

6 – Choose with care the people and tools you want to engage in and with.  Be interesting so that potential customers begin to hunt for you.

7 – Define yourself a home base for people to go to  – Where do you WANT people to go to – Do you want them to go to a FaceBook Page, a Blog, A Professional Website?  Choose wisely!

8 – Drive traffic to your site with interesting and helpful information.  but if you are a SPAMMER, or turn into one, then all bets are OFF.  YOU will FAIL.  NO SPAM – NEVER!

9 – Engage the audience that begins to come to you.  Ask the questions, even if it feels awkward at first – For example:  What is your favorite time of the year for ___________?

Anything to get them to have a conversation with you!

10 – Assemble the right team.  The right team is passionate about your business – Set up a successful structure and use specific (tested) guidelines.

11 – Get involved with your audience – Drive your business to you by participating with your clients!

12 – Stick to your goal plan!

13 – Be transparent.  Your brand is your customers brand and it symbolizes how they see you.

14 –  Be relevant – Stick to your own field of expertise.  If you want to know how often you should write a blog post there is one simple answer – Blog when you have something relevant to say.

15 – Measure everything AGAIN

16 – There is more than one answer – Look for those answers

People join people.  Brand You.  You are the 90% of your product that people buy.  Your product is the other 10%.

Realize that the social media success equation isn’t big moves on the chessboard. It’s little moves made “every day that eventually” add up to major shift.’’

~ Jay Baer.

“The temptation, I think, will be to see Twitter as smaller, and therefore less important, than Facebook. Certainly, Facebook is the gateway to the masses, since it now reaches the majority. For brands and businesses, however, the differential character of Facebook users and Twitter users means that for some products and companies, Twitter might indeed be the best channel for outreach and customer communications, while for others…it might be terrible. It’s imperative for companies to cut past the hype, do their own research, and be where their users are, not where the noise is.”

~ Tom Webster, Edison Research, 2012

Mischelle WatkinsAuthor