Making Money With Hubpages

Can you really make money with HubPages?


Yes you can? How much? Well that depends on you and how hard you want to work while building your business Did I say Hard Work and Build Your Business? Well what did you think? That this is easy.

Let’s clear something up right away. Hubpages is not your site. That means you have little control and recourse if they decide to delete your account for multiple infractions on their TOS(terms of service) I should know. I was nicely making over $400/month with just 75 articles. Yes 75 articles. This took me alot of time to make sure the SEO(search engine optimization) and backlinking was done efficiently and naturally.

My best article brought in over 1000 views/day after only 3 months but I wasn’t making any sales with that copy so I changed it to get those sought after sales. In order to Make Money with hubpages, you have to know a few things about writing effective articles. How to strategically place your keywords and Long tailed keywords.

You must do some keyword research first. Find out who the competition is and how many competing pages there are. Keyword research is a very important step if you want to make money with hubpages or in any form of Internet marketing. Simply put keyword research will tell you which keywords (they’re called that but they’re usually actually “key phrases”) people are searching for in Google. Other search engines use keywords as well but Google is where most of the traffic comes from.Here is a great article on the subject of awesome article marketing. Writing a great article and getting ranked will depend on who you listen to and how much you learn about good SEO.

Hubpages takes a huge chunk of your adsense revenues.  Some people think that HubPages gives a 60/40 split of every ad click or sale, but that’s not the case. The impressions are split, not the revenue.Make sure you have set up Amazon, eBay HubPages ad program and write many well researched articles. IMPORTANT: DO NOT click the AdSense ads on your own hubs or blogs, or incorporate ads or other text that encourages people to click on them. Also, don’t ask your friends or family to click on your ads. This is called click fraud and it’s stealing — not just from Google, but also from the advertisers who placed the ads. If you’re caught, your AdSense account will be banned for life and in some cases you can beg to be reinstated,but I wouldn’t count on being successful.

This income stream takes time and in most cases you are trading your time to make money in the future. If you think you’re going to replace your income with this a in short time, you might want to rethink this whole idea. The game of internet marketing is very complicated and competitive. There are people that have been doing this a long time and understand what it take to make money. It takes skills like tracking demographics, testing, split testing,link cloaking,social media exposure and much more to make a good living at this. If you have the time and the Patience…go for it. It can be fun and very rewarding if done right. I wouldn’t place all my faith and eggs in the hubpages basket. Remember..Hubpages is not your site. Rules of the game can change in an instant and it can be very frustrating dealing with their so called associates.