HubPages Income – HubPages Income Scam

Hubpages Income  . . . OR . . . SCAM

Can You Really Make Money From HubPages  . . . Or Not . . . 

Tips On What You Need To Know About Being A Third Party Site Author



Speaking from experience only, you’ll find claims of spectacular income all over the internet, but when it comes to earning REAL cash, most of the article marketing sites have flaws.  The claims are simply not true – Unless you really can live on $47.00 income every 5 months.  

If you love to write and enjoy writing as a hobby, then HubPages Income is an ideal place – See Why Here

Hubbers are interesting people.  They are great to help you if you struggle with writing content, they are quick to praise, they lead interesting lives, and they are appropriately funny.  

If I felt the link juice and benefit from Hub Pages was worth it – then I would put more effort into my Hubpages.  Sadly, that’s just not the case.  

“Publish And Earn”  Is really a mix of B/S and Hard work – Your hard work.

HubPage articles are rejected  sometimes for what may seem like nefarious reasons, but if you look closely and are willing to ask questions in the forums, ask questions of moderators and plead your case, you can occasionally reverse a decision on an article rejection.  The process to do that is tedious and monotonous, however, and the rewards are so few that it is better to create your own website blog and post your content there.  There also seems to be a difference in the application of the TOS policy throughout the site.  The interpretation of HubPages policy often varies.  It has come under heavy criticism for this – As it should.

HubPages are not NOFOLLOW if you are doing it right.

HubPages has strict Terms Of Service Rules and Regs regarding affiliate links.  They themselves may post as many of their own affiliate  links on your content, but you may not.  I find that typical of any site.  Annoying, but typical.

If you really want to avoid web content writing scams, get yourself a website and be your own “HubPages.”  Find Great Tips, Guides, Advice, Resources – Right Here

Google Adsense earns you only pennies on the dollar.  HubPages Income Scams claim that this is a viable income stream.  This author thinks NOT.

TO Get Started Making An Income – Participate in Social Media – MUST PARTICIPATE IN SOCIAL MEDIA. PERIOD.

Contributing Author – Mischelle Watkins