How to Start An Internet Home Based Business

Contributing Author: Mischelle Watkins Explains The Steps To Start Your Internet Home Business 

What Is The Main Ingredient To Start An Internet Home Business – Your Enthusiasm and Patience!
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Internet Home Business – Making A Decision To Start!

Thousands of folks plan to begin a Home based internet business every single day. Most will give up just after just one or two months immediately after investing 1000’s of dollars on numerous affiliate products.

The main reason these folks will fall short with their desire creating wealth at home will boil right down to one truth. They become overwhelmed and give up.

They get stopped dead in their tracks by inactivity – By not producing products and taking advantage of promotional opportunities through social networks and a lack of education about what to do – Good education, not the hype and all the shiny new products information.  Not the “Guru” hyped up bunch of crap that is out there – E V E R Y W H E R E!

Lots of people head off to college each year and invest 1000’s of $$ into their schooling to enable them to obtain a good job and supply for his or her family members.

After a period of education inside their degree and with any luck, they will discover a high paying J O B and soon after a lot more years of practical experience enhance their skills enough to be considered a, “professional.”

For whatever excuse they decide to start an internet home business, but they will have no clue about how to make money.

And then they are amazed because they don’t understand why they can’t make a living at it.

A lot of people truly believe that they have been deceived for the simple reason that they have decided that making money at home is just not possible.  But the fact is that making money at home with a home internet business truly is a possibility.

As a matter of  fact, there are a lot of people  who  are earning  a full time profitable income by working out of their home.

Buying all the new and shiny – saturated – programs on the internet for affiliate marketing, and using your hard earned cash to invest in just one more product, at the expense of hundreds per month for affiliate costs will in no way guarantee anyone an income.

Internet Home Business – What it takes!

Business promotion takes work.

It takes patience and it takes time.

There is no magic bullet to substitute for learning the tools of the trade in an internet home business.

In the same way that time and commitment are involved in completing a college education,  so too, does the business of working on your internet home business and earning money on-line.

For those of you interested in getting started on a internet home business, or if you have already started your internet home business, then that is really cool!

Right now, working on the internet with a internet home business is a challenging and worthwhile way to earn an income.

Internet Home Business – Hype, it’s out there Everywhere!

Just use some caution in signing up for every shiny new tool and affiliate opportunity that you take the time you need to learn the business.

If you do not do learn the tools of an internet home business then you will leave a huge amount of money on the table.  Trust me, this is the voice of experience talking right now!

Internet Home Business: Starting – Where To Begin!

Decide where you want to place yourself in an internet home business.  Learn what a niche is and find out how you can decide whether or not that the niche you pick for your internet home business, is one that you can compete in.

For example, if you are a single mom or a roofing professional between jobs, do you love to help people in some aspect of your life – cutting coupons, healthy diets for kids, picking out roofing tiles – ?  Make sure you are doing something that truly appeals to you!

Internet Home Business – A Different Language!

Maybe you can’t get on the first page of Google with a site about babysitting or healthy recipes for kids, or top roofing tile picks, but you could probably rank if you picked a less populated niche, like keeping kids safe and healthy with indoor snacks, or the best roofing tile technique in hot weather – The more you refine your niche, the higher your chance for success.

Now that you have made a niche decision – go over and take a look at some of the kinds of tools that we use and recommend to help you pick a niche and get started with your internet home business – Some of the tools are really free.  Start with free tools first.

Internet Home Business –  Website Significance (Adding Credibility)

Yes, it is possible to start an internet home business without a website, but there are so many free website options out there that you have no reason to not have your own.  It really does give you credibility and you will need that to get started with your internet home business.

Internet Home Business – Watch Out!

Don’t promote something if it does not work for you – Over 99% of the population hates SPAM.  Great example – You are promoting a twitter friend adder, but you only have 200 Twitter followers.  People aren’t stupid.

Internet Home Business – SEO and Keywords

Learn what keywords are – Longtail keywords, buyer keywords, and how they are affected by Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Internet Home Business – Drive Your Traffic Happy!

First you need to determine how will you send traffic to your site or ad/s.
Think about learning how to build  system for that without spending money for that new shiny tool that may (or more often may not) work.

Looking back, you will never be sorry you learned a system from the ground up.

Internet Home Business Tip: You may even end up teaching your system (or method) to others down the road – Take notes on everything you do!

Internet Home Business: Investing In Tools – Not Junk!

For those of you who have some extra cash stashed for new, shiny tools and who can afford to invest some money into one of those ‘helpful’ membership sites – Think about it first.  You’ll probably end up spending money on information that you can find for free on the internet.

You must be willing to look for it.  It’s there, but it’s not always sitting on the rock in front of you.

Even though starting your internet home business for free is a great carrot to dangle in front of your eyes, it is truly not very realistic.  Look for tools that help you move faster, do more things easier, move forward.

That is because an internet home business is one that takes a lot of hard work and patience.  Tenacity is often the clue to success.  But if you can find something – some internet home business tool that helps take away some of your work, then invest in that tool.

Not a business on this planet can be started and run effeciently and effectively without some form of investment.  Even painting house numbers on curbs requires paint and tools and a license to operate.

At some point you must invest some money into your internet home business.  We all had to.  If you get something and it doesn’t work – Ask for help before you send it back.  It could be something as simple as, ‘operator error,’ and you may not have used it correctly to get the results you wanted.  If you still can’t get your internet home business tool to work – then send it back for a refund.

Internet Home Business – Getting Support You Need to Succeed!

Find out who the people are who really know the internet home business and get to know them.

Gather a group of like-minded people to you either by contacting them on-line or in forums, even Craig’s List is a good place to look for those internet home business folks.  Meet for coffee once a week to help yourself stay motivated and positive.

Find those who want to see you be a success.  The rest can’t (and wont) help you because they don’t know what they are doing.

Some of these people may have a fee or a sliding scale product for you to invest in to get their help, but it is worth it.  It could even be as minimal as your using their system and then giving them a testimonial on your success with it.  They are out there – go find them.

Johnny Kowal,  here at, is a great place to start.

Spend money on the things that help you to gain information that will help you succeed.

You may get discouraged and throw away some cash on a marketing program that helps affiliates, but you may not be any further ahead than if you had gotten the knowledge on your own with your internet home business.

Internet Home Business – The True Key To Success!

Invest in yourself in gaining knowledge, not in the pocketbook of someone else.

And, learn as you go, too, that you will fail many times, but remember this:

“It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.”

~ Babe Ruth

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Mischelle Watkins has owned and operated her own business since 1999.  She has a business site to help budding entrepreneurs and small business people.  HERE at  She Loves  Breakfast meetings, too!  Her internet home business philosophy simply stated duplicates the BNI philosophy, “Givers Gain!”