Holmes on Homes-Is Holmes on Homes For Real

Holmes on Homes – The Home Improvement Industry Reality Show

Holmes on Homes Takes Contractors to Task

Holmes on homesThe TV series Holmes on Homes has really taken the home improvement industry by storm. But the question I had to ask myself was “Does the show really give value and truth to the audience?”

Mike Holmes of Holmes on Homes is the star of this hit TV series. He is charismatic, knows how to work the stage and has been marketed brilliantly by the writers and producers of HGTV.

I’m not saying that it’s all about ratings, money and getting the average joe or joette to watch this show just to make HGTV rich.

But that does have something to do with it.

Take for instance the article of “Homes On Holmes Exposed”. Many great points are brought forward to validate the shows worth. Holmes on Homes has really helped many people and continues to show everyone the heartbreak of getting shoddy work done on ones home and how it can devastate someone financially and emotionally.

Holmes on Homes has also gone above the regular TV series hype to help underprivileged people all over the world. Now, that has me rethinking all the complaints I have heard about general construction and residential code mistakes Mike Holmes makes on almost every episode.

Everyone makes mistakes and the star of Holmes On Homes is no exception.

All in all, I believe the network has a good thing going with Mike Holmes and they have no intention of letting go of this little goldmine they have created. My hat goes off to HGTV and kudos to Mike Holmes. He deserves all the good things that fame and fortune brings to those fortunate enough to make it in the crazy world of TV.

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Holmes on Homes: In Summary

There is no question that millions of folks love this Mike Holmes and see Holmes on Homes as the real deal. I believe he is the real deal despite some of the rookie mistakes he makes. I can easily say what I say because of my 32 successful years experience as a Carpenter/Contractor in four different countries. Doing the best you can and treating everyone with a special touch is something I have done and continue to do throughout my career.Every good Contractor I know hates to hear about the fly-by-night shysters that seem to get away with cheating unsuspecting homeowners.

It has to stop and Holmes On Holmes has raised the bar in my opinion.