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Holmes on Homes-A Holmes on Homes Review

Holmes on Homes – Reality, Ratings or Hollywood Glitz?

Mike Holmes of Holmes On Homes claims He is the, “Most Trusted Contractor in North America.” In an April  edition of Canadian Home Workshop, The front page shows the concerned look of Mike Holmes sitting on the tailgate of a truck.

This rising Star of HGTV Holmes on Homes boasts of being,  “The Most Trusted Contractor in North America.”

But an article in the Canadian Workshop reveals some questionable feelings some of his closest colleagues have about him.

Jim Caruck- host of HGTV Real Reno’s, and fellow judge on Handyman Superstar Challenge suggests there can be two sides to renovation woes.

But sadly the audience only gets one side of the story from Holmes on Homes, Mike Holmes. Caruck goes on to say that what sets their shows apart is that;  . . “it’s about real money, real time, real heartache. In other words, it’s not a superhero show. ”

Just Ask Jon Eakes”, another home-improvement show that ran for six years on HGTV and hosted by Jon Eakes, appeared on the Holmes on Homes show early on.

Eakes remembers filming in an attic space with Mike. “He (Mike Holmes) was going on about how the duct work wasn’t up to code and I thought, ‘OK, this is his Holmes on Homes show, don’t contradict him on camera.’ But I knew he was wrong. What the average Do It yourself layperson doesn’t know is that The code didn’t say anything about the detail he was pointing at, so, in a way, it was code: just not his (Holmes on Homes) code.

Holmes on Homes Exposed

Things like this go on all the time in TV Land. One person will say that their show tells the truth more than the other show. Their show is more real and deals with everyday issues.

That’s exactly what Holmes on Homes does. Sure there is some TV flair added. It would be boring otherwise. Mike adds a certain charisma to the whole idea of exposing these con artist Contractors.

Most Professional Contractors I deal with despise the fakes and the con artists.

Holmes on Homes Inspections

One thing for sure. Mike Holmes, of Holmes on Homes is the, “Real Deal”.

Why do so many people love and trust the Man with the Holmes on Homes Show?

It’s simple . . . He sticks up for the homeowner that has been screwed by shabby work and scheming Contractors.

I have also had to endure the garbage of “fly by nighters” in the Construction Industry. These guys prey on helpless homeowners thinking that a few big words and larger promises will convince them to part with their money.

A quick glimpse at the history of the show and the things that Holmes On Homes is doing for underprivileged people and homeowners in trouble, absolutely tells the truth.

Homeowners will always find something of value by watching the show.

Don’t catch yourself trying to remember what Holmes on Homes said last year.

You can own his collection and have the information you need at your fingertips.

Holmes On Homes Exposed

(Bad Contractor Crusher)

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Holmes on Homes Exposed Wall Framing Video

Holmes On Homes

(Knowledge Is Power)

There is no way a homeowner can learn everything there is to know about Home Improvement. That is why most of us will hire a Professional to help with the project.

But certain steps must be followed and precautions need to be taken. You must arm yourself with basic knowledge so that the, “Red Flags” are easily recognizable.

Knowledge is Power. Purchasing educational material in the form of video or books can be a small price to pay before deciding to undertake a major Improvement on your home.

Homeowners need to be prepared with knowledge and the process of Remodeling.

You can never have enough information and tips to minimize problems. Even if Holmes on Homes cannot be in your home doing the work,

You can have his knowledge and training to use as much as you want when you need it the most.

Start out by getting a book, then slowly get more resources so that there is no way you’ll be duped into getting ripped off.

I have been a Contractor for 30 + years and hate hearing about the shabby work and heartache some of these con artists cause Homeowners.

Along with Holmes tutorials and tips, go get this no cost “16 Bullet Proof Guide to a problem free Remodel” Right Here.   This is years of experience condensed.

Holmes on Homes


Holmes on Homes has done its job. They have brought attention to a faulty system which can cause problems in the Home Improvement Industry.

They do hire some of the Best Contractors and show how a good team can make things work for the Homeowner.

This type of show does help homeowners in realizing that there are steps to take before, during and after work is done on a home.

For the most part . . . Holmes on  Homes has helped many people see that cutting corners is not something you want to do on your home or anything else of importance. As always, it’s buyer beware.

It’s your money, so as soon as a problem arises, stop the flow of money and resolve the problem before continuing.

To achieve the best results with a Contractor, you’ll want a good working relationship.

Here’s a few tips that I think could help:

Open Communication:

Speak up immediately if you are displeased about anything. The longer you wait, the more expensive and difficult corrections will be. Be clear about what you’d rather see.

Frequent check-ins:

Try to coordinate a time everyday to discuss progress. That way you can quickly assess the previous day work and discuss any problems or upcoming decisions.

Changes need to be in writing:

These could be costly in the event you may need to alter the plans after work has started.

Make these change orders precise and detailed as the original contract.

Financial Updates:

Frequent checkpoints will allow you both to assess whether the project is on budget. There may be setbacks that neither you nor the Contractor can control.

Be prepared to discuss how this could affect the budget and how to adjust the critical path to keep costs down.

Holmes On Homes

Important Tools For All Homeowners

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Holmes on HomesHolmes on Homes Holmes on HomesHolmes on Homes

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