Discreet Adventures

When Is It Time To Leave A Relationship?

When You’re Thinking About Cheating


Discreet Adventures can be an adrenalin rush for just about anyone. Just the thought of having a chance meeting with someone that turns your crank can make your heart rush abnormally fast. I can truthfully tell you that most of us have had that thought of a Discreet Adventure pop up from time to time along with other things.

There has to be 100% confidentiality when someone decides to have Discreet Adventures. I don’t blame anyone for wanting this.There are things that need to be explored before you leave this planet and there are things that do not need to be explored. Just the thought of looking into the world of Discreet Adventures can send most of us into a fantasy land of pleasures.

Online dating sites that cater to the married operate like all other online dating services. The only limits there are will be the ones you place on yourself and everything else. . You can search based on age, Body Size, male or female preferences and of course marital status with Discreet Adventures. What you desire and finally decide on can take minutes or for the picky people it could take weeks.

Sometimes Discreet Adventures are an excuse to stray because of monotony, boredom, or simply  fear of being alone.  If this is the only thing you learn from this article then you’ll be miles ahead of most folks. Well…here’s a couple suggestions:

  1. If you don’t talk or listen to your mate (this means actually responding to them, be it a question or even a statement), they will eventually find someone who will.
  2. If you stop sexually mauling your mate in a timely manner (this means actually enjoying their body and letting them do the same at least 3-17 times a week), they’ll find someone who will!”

P.S. Here’s an extra:

Women. . . stop saying that all the nice guys are already gone, that’s extremely negative – Especially when Men hear you say it.  They were right in front of you all the time, but they weren’t “good enough” in a bad way.

At the same time most of us guys are asking, “Why can’t I find a decent, caring Woman?”

You do the math! A Discreet Adventure could follow.

Women are the sweetest gift God could ever give anyone. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for my Mother. Some of my slob “bros” should get a handle on that.

Read this great article on When Love Takes Too Long For more tips. Perhaps for some,   Discreet Adventures really means a whole lot more.