Contributing Authors Rules and Regulations

Maximum Marketer – Contributing Authors Rules and Regulations:

IMPORTANT NOTE – At this point we have decided to NOT take Contributing Author Posts.  thank you for Inquiring, but no articles are being accepted at this time

– Until Further Posted Notice.

1. Authors Rules and Regulations:  ACCEPTANCE OF OUR TERMS

Our terms and conditions outline the use of the website.  They constitute a binding agreement between you and maximum marketer. If you use this website, and many services offered by this website, you agree to be bound by these rules, terms, and regulations.

Maximum marketer has the right to modify or change these rules and regulations any time by informing you. No notice is needed to make those changes. Your agreement to use this website indicates it should agree to our stated and revised terms. Maximum marketer will enforce the right to suspend stop or eliminate your contributing authors account at any time. In the event of that happening your ability to access our website or services or remove your contributing authors page content will be compromised for these reasons.

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2. Authors Rules and Regulations: SERVICE DETAILS & DEFINITIONS

An author is a person who creates an account on our website.

Author content includes information, article content which includes but is not limited to articles, posts, questions, or any answers you may have for other article writers. Also included, are photographs that contributing author posts on this website service.

Contributing Authors Page Content mean all content and information, including – with no limits – any text, data, video, and links, but not including photos, that a contributing  Author posts on their Contributing Authors Page.

Services means those services provided by maximum Marketer and the maximum marketer or website.

Maximum marketer website services and hosts the contributing authors page, this includes contributing authors page content. This is for the intent of servicing maximum marketer users. Contributing authors page programming will be a result of maximum marketer’s hosting services and website design. Users are allowed to re-read and send their contributing authors pages by e-mail, they will be allowed to subscribe to RSS feeds of other contributing authors pages and conduct a search on the website, as the website allows.

Maximum marketer automatically programs this website. Author content that is low quality will be evaluated and removed from the website.

3. Authors Rules and Regulations: USES AS PERMITTED

To create a contributing authors page you must:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Sign-up with maximum marketer by sending a contact e-mail
  • Assume responsibility for any and all activities and any content you submit for your contributing authors page, under your contributing author account.
  • Report any unauthorized activity that you discover on your account immediately. Report unauthorized activity by notifying maximum marketer through e-mail at:  info@Maximum
  • act responsibly and create produce high quality page contents.
  • Accept complete responsibility for your page content.
  • Accept and follow the rules and guidelines for publishing content on this website, whether it be a comment, a post, a submission, a post answer, or any other content.
  • You must have required permission to use the content that you post as a contributing author, if this applies, within the scope of that permission requirement is also (but not limited to) intellectual property rights in regard to copyright, and trademark, and trade secrets. What this means to you is that any third party content from those owners or their authorized representatives, must be granted in advance of your posting that content.

When you get maximum your e-mail address information, you also agree that we have your permission to send you valid and relevant communication from our website. Those communications will consist of things like your initial setup acceptance, any service announcements, acknowledgment and reply to technical e-mail, and any opt-in choices to maximum marketer opt-inst that you choose

If you desire to opt-out, you may do so by sending us an e-mail with the contact form listed below.

You may not, however, opt out of any service-related messages. In order to opt out of service messages you will have to cancel your contributing authors page at which time your opt out request will be honored.


by agreeing to use website and becoming a contributing author, you agree that you will not participate in these behaviors or actions:

  • the publishing of content on your contributing authors page of illegal activities or the promotion or solicitation of illegal or not-authorized content.
  • Use any kind of automation software to spam or mass E-mail other users.
  • Sell, transfer, or collect any personal information that could identify any user of the contributing authors pages.
  • Participate in the use of automated software or any personal process that retrieves each-mail address information, or any other information relevant to this site.
  • Bully, harassed, or intimidate any author or anyone using this site or the service.
  • Publish any contributing authors page content that is written in a language that is not primarily English.
  • Engage in the promotion of gambling, or promote links to sites that promote or offer gambling for money.
  • Use content tags that are misleading, and/or titles for articles that do not match your page content. This includes tags that are irrelevant and tags that are excessive.
  • Overly promotional content will be flagged. This will include excessive linking to a single website or an Internet domain.
  • Participate in behavior created to control or manipulate Contributing Authors Page.
  • Spam the internet in a way that promotes Contributing Authors Page or Profiles, including comment – forum – blog/s – e-mail – instant message spam, or similar spam content.
  • Use automatic software and tools to make Contributing Authors Page Accounts, Contributing Authors Page, or Author Content, to follow topics or Authors, or  edit Contributing Authors Page. This will include, but is not limited to, any article spinner devices or software, automated blog/s and comment spam-ware blasters, and other ‘like’ software and on-line internet tools and services.


maximum does reserve the authority and the right to modify or discontinue either temporarily or permanently this website or any portion of our services at any time we deem, without incurring liability from you or any of your third-party designations. In addition, as its only authority, maintains the right to terminate any passwords, any accounts, or to disable the access to the service (including impression services), and to remove and/or delete contributing authors page content.

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