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Big Breakfast Gift Baskets Can Help With Weight Loss

See How Skipping, or Skrimping on Breakfast Sabotages Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

If you had told me that eating more for breakfast, or designing breakfast gift baskets full of healthy breakfast foods would help me lose weight a few years ago I would have laughed at you and said mean things about you behind your back.

I was over 70 pounds overweight at the time. Breakfast Gift Baskets full of cinnamon rolls wrecked me.

But, believe it or not, eating a big breakfast and several small meals during the day actually helps people lose weight.

How can big breakfast gift baskets help you lose weight?

According to one US researcher whose research is quoted widely over the internet, Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, (An endocrinology and metabolic disease specialist) “Over many months women designated as ‘Obese,’ did better with weight loss if they ate half their daily calories at breakfast than those women who had lesser breakfast meals.”

Dr. Jakubowicz cites these statics from a study of 96 obese and physically inactive women participating in a low carbohydrate diet.  Participants in one test group were given a higher protein and fat diet of 1,085 calories a day.  In this test group breakfast was the smallest meal and also the lowest in carbs (7 carbohydrates) and calories (290 calories).

In the second test group, the Big Breakfast group, calories were increased to 1240.   The Big Breakfast Group ate a 610 calorie Breakfast, with 58 grams of carbs, with lunch at 395 calories and dinner at 235 calories.

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Eating Big Breakfast Results:

In the first four months of this study, light breakfast eaters did better, but after eight months, the big breakfast eaters continued to lose weight and the light breakfast group began to pack on the pounds – again.

Results showed that the people who had a Big Breakfast lost a fifth of their total body weight on average, compared with less than 5% for the light breakfast eaters.

So, I tried it myself awhile back – several years ago I lost those 70 + pounds.  To date, I have kept that weight off completely.  The One thing I did and stayed with was to change my eating habits and the results I achieved are lasting a lifetime.   As with the results achieved in this study, I felt more full during the day and the smaller meals recommended throughout the day only helped maintain my full feeling, I get out for daily walks – My results mimicked these study results.

Why Does Eating A Big Breakfast Meal Work With Weight Loss:

For participants it helped them to feel full.  They felt healthier because of the increase in fiber and fruit in the morning.  That was my breakfast Gift Baskets experience too.

Extra Benefits of Eating A Big Healthy Breakfast:

  • Increase in Brain Power, leading to higher productivity on the job and at home
  • Easy to maintain over time
  • Less monotonous than counting calories (Less Boring)
  • Control & keep your blood sugar levels manageable
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Prevents overeating during lunchtime
  • Doing anything to help and improve yourself or your life affects everything you do.  Make eating good big breakfast gift baskets a lifestyle.
  • Regaining old Weight by eating a big breakfast is decreased, because you’re not substituting things you shouldn’t eat as often to compensate for fewer calories in your daily diet.  For instance, by sticking to  healthy larger breakfast gift baskets and 5 small meals a day, you’ll be less inclined to add a maple bar instead of an apple as one of those small meal snacks that make up one of your five (or several) small daily meals.

Big Breakfast Gift Baskets Conflicting Reports:

Conflicting big breakfast for weight loss reports emphasize that no matter how big a breakfast you eat, you still eat the same size lunch and dinner.  So, therefore the studies, reports and statistics about eating a big breakfast to aid in weight loss argue that the big breakfast theories and reports are, ‘False,’ or ‘not accurate.’

Well, . . . DUH!  . . . Credit Card Use (abuse) Works that same way.

And Of course you will gain weight if you eat more than your body digests and expels.  The real key to this big breakfast gift baskets and losing weight dilemma, is YOU.  Changing your food intake the rest of the day, changing your attitude about good food versus lots of food, and changing your daily routine to include 3-4 episodes of a 10-30 minute walk are what helps you.

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Breakfast Gift Baskets-Healthy Weight Loss Is A Lifestyle

There is no weigh loss or diet on the planet that will work – FOR ANYBODY – If they aren’t willing to make lifestyle and eating habit changes that span years.

Once you stop and look at your eating and exercise habits and decide to change them – Permanently, you’ll lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime.  That’s just good old fashioned common sense.

Can you lose weight with a big breakfast and several small means throughout the day.  Yes, you can.

Can you eat a big breakfast and that weight off for years.   Yes you can, but you must make a lifetime commitment to a healthy lifestyle.  If you could go for a walk for 30 minutes a day in 10-20-30 minute spurts – Just once a day, or even just 3-4 times a week, not only can you keep that weight off, but you’ll feel healthier, happier and better equipped to take on the challenges of each day.

Have a big breakfast that meets the good breakfast gift baskets standards and you’ll have a healthy weight loss program that lasts a lifetime.

Good Breakfasts for Big Breakfast gift Baskets include:

  • Omelet’s – Filler ‘er up with healthy steamed vegetables and use egg whites instead of whole eggs.
  • Seasonal Fruit Breakfast Gift Baskets
  • Bran Muffin Breakfast Gift Baskets (skip the butter and sugary jams and jellies)
  • Anything from the garden – Switch breakfast giift baskets up to keep from getting boring!
  • Chew your food for longer periods of time – Filling you up faster without eating as much and giving your body a chance to recognize that it is full sooner than later (versus eating till you are full then feeling bloated after your breakfast gift baskets meal).
  • Smaller proportions on smaller plates so you aren’t gorging on a Big Breakfast gift basket that was only meant to fill you up, not stuff you.
  • I mean this in the nicest way – GO TAKE A HIKE!
  • Surefire way to Gain Weight – Skip Breakfast:
  • – When you skip breakfast, Your body goes into ‘safety storage,’ mode and stores fat for you, making yo-yo dieting a habitual weight loss nightmare.
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Breakfast – “Break-The-Fast” and get your motor going with a good big breakfast – For some people that means a muffin and cup of coffee or tea – No two bodies are the same.

Good, healthy weight loss with big breakfast gift baskets only works if you stick to a plan you can maintain for a lifetime.  That part of the big breakfast weight loss program is up to YOU.

Breakfast Gift Baskets – Big Healthy, Good Summed Up:

When you begin your day with, “I can’t,”  It sounds like an excuse for, “I won’t.”  No matter what.  Start any weight loss plan with NO EXCUSES.

Weigh in any unhealthy attitudes so you lose those FIRST and enjoy Good Big Breakfast Gift Baskets!

Here is Dr. Daniela Jakubowicz book, “The Big Breakfast Diet: Eat Big Before 9 A.M. and Lose Big for Life,”breakfast gift baskets

Order Yours HERE:

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The Big Breakfast Diet: Eat Big Before 9 A.M. and Lose Big for Lifebreakfast gift baskets


Mischelle Watkins, Author formerly over 70 lbs overweight.  There are no pictures of me during that time either.  I felt fat and wanted to disappear.