Internet Marketing Book Reviews

When it comes to Essential Reading Materials We Recommend These:

Books Reviews and Essential Reading For Maximum Marketers

1 – Network Marketing For Dummies:

This is one of our personal favorites because it is affordable and it covered the basics for us when we ere trying to decide whether to switch careers into online marketing and internet business.

For a more complete review read this Network Marketing For Dummies Review.

2 – Your 1st Year In Network Marketing:

Loving this honest approach to the challenges faced in your first year of business in internet marketing.  Too many people try to sell you a bill of goods about how you will, “Make Millions,” when it all starts to sound like, “Blah, blah, blah . . . ” you’ll know you are ready for the good kinds of information.

3 – How To Sell Network Marketing:

Donald Trump adds his name to the list of authors helping to explain how to sell network marketing without losing your friends.  He takes you through a set of problem-solving skills that are designed to truly help you succeed.  It helps turn your fears and insecurities around so that you understand what it takes to be that top seller and understand your consumers needs and what propels them to take action.  The law of attraction is a powerful force to understand.  If anyone should know, it would be Donald Trump!

4 – Rich Dad, Poor Dad:  What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Middle Class and the Poor Do Not!

Really, if you can get your kids to read this one too!  Making money is more than jut going through the motions and hard work.  It is a mindset and a requirement if you want to get rich and stay rich.  Without this mindset all you have is a good idea.

5 – The Social Media Bible – Tactics, tools & Strategies

Understand how social media works from small companies to non-profit businesses.  Evaluate current media trends, details current software features and benefits,  studies real companies and what they do with products, services and data, shows you how to measure the social media return on investment and uses real-life case studies, helps you understand why strategy is important and how to create your own.

6 – The Business of The 21st Century – Rich Dad Poor Dad

Helps people understand why internet marketing is the best marketing adventure on the planet.  An excellent resource for those people who have just made the decision to start a network marketing business, or who are in one and have been for awhile.  He explains the difference between the industrial age and the information age and how and why understanding that difference is important to your success.

7 – Make Your 1st Million In Network Marketing:

Read about proven success with tested techniques in network marketing and use the examples to strategize and plan how to create your own wealth with an internet marketing business.  The author has loaded this book with practical networking tips and advice.  All the fundamental essential tips and techniques make this essential reading!

8 – Before you Quit Your Job – 10 Lessons Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Building A Multi-Million Dollar Business

For the serious minded people who are more interested in being entrepreneurs than employed staff, this really helps them study and understand the role they must participate in as a leader instead of a follower.  Although this book was criticized for its repetition, it is more of a study guide and very helpful to those of you who are making a transition to internet marketing.  That’s why it is on our, “Must Read Book List!”

These are our top 8 Book Choices for Internet Marketing.  Staying on top of the learning curve is a challenge for even the most savvy of marketing entrepreneurs.  That’s why knowledge is power in this game.  You have to arm yourself with knowledge and know certain marketing information and let it sink in – To truly be a success.

Arm your tool chest with the best information available.

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