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Internet Marketing SEO Tips For Writing Articles And  Marketing Them

Anytime you upload a video or picture…I want you to save it as the title of your Article.

Lots of Pictures? Use lower case, upper case… in any case, but use the title of your article.. Search engines and you are finicky beings.

Article Marketers need to feed you exactly what you like. Well…how easy is that? Does it take time to understand what works and what doesn’t? of course.

Welcome to the ever changing eyes of Article Marketing.

Those of you that think Article marketing is an add on to something more substantial…need to wake up.

On its own, Article marketing can make you a very nice passive income. Just ask some of the hubbers that have 100+ articles glowing on the first pages for their chosen keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN and all the others you don’t know about.

Folks…that is prime Real Estate via the Internet…forever. That’s right, I said forever and ever.

Is it easy? Define easy! Easy is not noticing that it is work. Easy comes after all the hard work and education has happened. Much like life.

The key is to make as much of an impact as possible, with as few articles as possible. And by far the easiest way to do that is to turn every single article into as many different formats as possible. Brain dead simple isn’t it?

The first place to submit your article should be to your own website or blog.

If you don’t have your own site, then use your articles to create a Hub on Hubpages, be an author on Ezine articles, or  set up a free Blogger or WordPress site. You wrote the article, you should get the credit.  And look at all the popular sites people are using now – Google the top 5 to see what I mean.

Article Marketing-2nd Secret

Get noticed!! Stand out from the crowd or be the only one! Write a controversial article, be beautiful, take your clothes off, or be an ass. These all work, but have consequences.

My Holmes on Homes article  ranked in the 6th position for an extremely competitive keyword, had 58,000 views in 6 months but did nothing for 3 months because it was sitting on the 5th page of Google.

I also wrote about Tiger Woods-Tiger Woods Posters Banned, and saw 200 views in 4 days. As if anyone could ever ban Tiger Woods Posters.

I really feel sorry for talented movie stars. Hell…they can’t even go shopping for onions without being asked why they smell like onions. is tip number two. Do some research into your keyword. A long tailed keyword will rank quicker than a root keyword. For instance:

Article marketing: 5,490 searches per month. How would you like a dollar for every search?

How to do Article Marketing: 720 searches per month

Article Marketing Guide: 300 searches per month

Article Marketing Course: 150 searches per month.

Why did I pick such a low search keyword? Because there is a smaller amount of competing pages, the average Page Rank was 1.5, most of these pages had little or no back linking and the quality of website was mediocre. I went and made sure that a first page position was possible.

What good is spending time to write a great article if it will never reach the first 2 pages of Google? You need to rank on the first page in order to really get the targeted traffic you are looking for.

Now I’ll start my strategy to move into the first page and stay there forever collecting free traffic. I have been building my social media presence for the past 8 months which also gives me 20-50 views immediately on everything I publish. So I would advise building some sort of presence on Twitter and Facebook for sure. Follow me on Twitter @ johnnykowal.

I’ll have to quicken the pace, so here is Tip number 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Read all my articles and comment, ask questions and I will reply.

Article Marketing-Conclusion

-Do What The Top Money Earners Are Doing.

-Learn From the Top Money Earners.

-Signup For a Twitter and FaceBook Account (Start adding friends).

-Learn Some Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

-Learn How To Research Keywords Effectively.

-Write About Something You Know First, then keep writing about what you know or spend a lot of time doing researching (Nobody has that kind of time).

-Get an Amazon, eBay and Google Adsense Account.

-The More You Write, The More You Will Earn.

-Never Give Up.

-Always Believe In Yourself.

-Be Patient. ( It takes time for things to kick in, so don’t stop the accumulation process).

-Set Some Attainable Goals (Do not overlook this step).

-Eat As Often As You Can.

-Work Harder Than You Think You Can.

-Take Time to look Around( keep your eyes peeled for emerging trends and cool things to write about).

-Learn About YouTube Marketing (This will Vault your Traffic…Believe me..It works..So go and open an account).

-Always Try To Have At Least $5 In Your pocket!

This will help your Article marketing. PS. Notice that I sprinkle the keyword throughout my article and I also use related keywords to compliment my title.

Text is King.

Good Text is Better.

Article Marketing is hard work, so learn to be competitive with the most effective information and tools you can find!