John Kowal aka “Johnny” at MaximumMarketer.com

John (Johnny) Kowal expands his knowledge in the construction trade while owning and operating his companies in Canada and The United States.

He is here to inspire and unite.  His mission statement is to continue self development, training and acquiring the necessary tools needed to build solid and long lasting relationships.

There is always room for humour, leisure and excitement in his life.

“I love the fact that my spirituality governs all aspects of my life with or without my will,” writes Johnny.

There is always some new gadget or experience we will want to share with you, because there is so much going on in all our lives today.

“Johnny loves working in the film industry, working with Carpentry tools, wine, pets, most sports, classic cars, and just about anything that is new to his life experience.”

You’ll get the best SEO, tips and advice Johnny and his team have to offer right here!

“I’m big on natural healing and spiritual growth, so don’t be shocked if from time to time there is some cosmic energy floating around.  


Don’t worry . . . it’s ALL Good!” smiles Johnny.