9 Strategy Tips Basic To Your SEO Survival


Hard Work And SEO-Driving Your Website Traffic Home Tips

Your first attempts at SEO may feel awkward and unnatural. That’s normal. Keep at it and your hard work will pay off, but don’t be excited about giving up your day job. You still need to pay your bills and this is no get rich quick scheme for anyone. Hard work and tenacity are the SEO requirements for success.

1) How Will you Know What Works and What Doesn’t?

  • Test everything from your headlines to your font and font color. Use tools like Google Analytics to set up testing methods. Their free website plugin is still the best ‘buy’ in town.
  • It helps you know where your visitors are coming to you from. Know that there are 2 kinds of visitors: Organic and Direct. Organic visitors came to you through a search engine. Direct visitors come to your website through a direct link. Direct are the more frequent visitors to your site, but the less sought after.

2) How Does Page Rank count for anything?

  • Page rank is an assigned rank that means that you are credible and can be counted on to deliver better than your competition. You’ve been in the game longer, created more trustworthy back links, and are a reliable source of information. It gives your readers more faith in the reliability of your website information. Simply put: For search engines, like Google, Page Rank is an algorithm that measures the importance of website pages, hence your websites importance. Make page rank a goal when you are developing your plan for articles and posts.
  • Install a Google Toolbar to help you. This Free toolbar is truly priceless.

3) What’s The Big Deal About Keyword Research and Why Is It Important?

  • One of the main complaints about using keywords is that they can sound phony and unnatural for a website page. Although there are spinning tools out there to help you in writing articles, most humans are able to identify those almost immediately – So can search engines. Don’t use those because they will condemn your article/page/post to an irrelevant search.
  • Use keywords naturally. For instance: Dog is my keyword for this example. Dogs are great dog companions who will keep another dog pet happy at their dog home. This is not a natural use of the word Dog and does not read naturally.
  • However, when you say something like this instead: The dog at the pet adoption agency came to us with tears in his eyes when he understood how important his companionship was going to be to our first dog, Liam. Know what long tail keywords mean. Understand that those are the things that help you pick the fruit off the low hanging branches of that big fruit tree.
  • Nothing says, “SPAM,” louder than an over-used keyword. This is also identified as, “keyword stuffing,” by search engines.

3) Do paid ads work?

  • Yes, they do and there is no way to out rank those. Your best bet is to do the research to find the fewest ads for any one particular keyword. Pick those keywords for your SEO article choices.
  • Also-Use those keywords plus your site name to save your pictures to your website and desktop. The use of no more than ten key words for tag words is also just as important. This is timeless advice that has not changed in over ten years. These are the tools people use to find your article and your website in search engines.

4) What If I Don’t Have Anyone or Anything to Link to?

  • Link back to yourself by using your other articles as links. Not only does it keep people on your page but it keeps them on your website. Watch out for linking to websites that have a lot of ads on them. If you are an affiliate then your goal is to get conversions to the products you are advertising instead of sending people away to buy from others. Too many links is SPAM.
  • Site maps with easy to understand linking to your site and a short, descriptive title work best. Less is More – That means that the less a visitor has to search for a page on your site, the more likely they are to stay there.

5) What Does Search Engine Friendly Mean?

  • When you are planning your website and article strategy use keywords that are easy to ‘search,’ or ‘commonly,’ used by the general public when they are looking for some piece of information, or item you are sharing on your website. This makes your site map more readable and searchable. Success means people, ‘found you.’
  • Keep this in mind when you are building your website too, but also know that if you have a keyword and domain name that has a search ratio of a number in the millions, then you will probably be found on some page never heard of.
  • For instance, dogworld .xxx may not give you any traffic because it is too popular a word – but, browndoggiepetsupplies.xxx may take you to the front page or second page of search engines. Too generic a term (like Dog) would do the same thing, because it makes a search for your website too hard. Use this to build your articles too.

6) When Are Pictures Too Distracting?

  • People love pictures, but too many and it looks like too much is going on. Less is more. Try using one main picture for your front page, or even one main picture for your main headings then use a map or list of articles underneath that.
  • Too many pictures looks like ‘gobbelty-gook.’ It gives your site a confusing and hard to navigate appearance. Most of the population believes that looks like SPAM. Bling only looks good on jewelry.

7) Should I use An ALT tag text on my images and Why?

  • YES. Captions too, are a great way to optimize your pictures. For a description of how to add “Alt Tags” to your site go to youtube where they show you how with easy to understand video tutorials. You’ll find this in the ‘Properties’ part of your image when you right click on your image. Here’s a really easy to understand example of how to do this RIGHT HERE

8) How Often Should You Update Your Site?

  • Life gets in our way and this can be a challenge sometimes. Content is King and it has been forever. Regular updates are crucial and critical to your website. Like blood through the vein.
  • Writers Block can sometimes render you without anything to say once in awhile – No problem, but if it becomes a problem lasting several years then you have two options . . . 1) Give Up, OR 2) Hire someone to write for you.

9) Is Social Media Really Helpful In Building My Site?

  • Yes it is (100%) helpful. It will generate the kind of traffic you desire with your efforts. And with maximum effort you get maximum marketing exposure. For Some great tips on how to do that, Read More HERE.