13 Stress Relief Gadgets And Tools

Stress Help To Comfort and Soothe Anxious Professionals

Don’t lose it! Helpful Tools to Combat Stress, Fatigue, and Boredom

Sitting jobs are stressful and challenging-especially for those (of us) who have trouble sitting.
Now and again, we all need something to distract us from a mundane or tedious task. Because we can’t all just get up and walk away from the computer screen, or set aside a project with a deadline, it helps to have a stress gadget handy to stay focused and provided a much needed break to bring our thoughts back to what we need to accomplish.
It’s okay to become distracted. Sometimes when we stop the thought process and take a mini break, it gives our minds a chance to take that, ‘deep breath.’ And, who knows what kind of genius we can come up with once we’ve had a chance to give our mind that freedom.

If changing careers isn’t an option right now then these specially designed stress relief gadgets are one option – And a short term solution – For what could be . . . just a much needed break!
A minute or two using some of these stress tools can mean the difference between stress management and stress melt down.  Battling stress sometimes means we have to look for those things that help us to think outside the, “Box.”

Stress Management Tools and Gadgets:

1. The Dammit Doll
The dammit doll even comes with its own poem. These not only make great stress relief if you happen to work at home as a Day Trader and either; 1) Made a bad trade that day, or 2) Are forcing a trade that just isn’t working, then right NOW you need to take a second and grab this little doll and do just like the poem says, . . .

“Whenever things don’t go so well.
When you want to hit the wall and yell,
Here’s a little Dammit Doll that you can’t do without.
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
and find a place to slam it.
And as you whack the stuffing out,
Yell, “Dammit, Dammit, Dammit!”

Right now our Dammit Doll has so much stuffing popping out of it that it looks like a mop, but does it work . . . Yes!

Dammit Doll – Ménage à Trois – Set of Three Random Dammit Dolls – Stress Relief – Gag Gift

2. Squeeze it Stress Balls
Smash it, squeeze it, throw it, crush it, sometimes a great ball is exactly what we need to get our task at hand back in focus. Not only can a desk job become difficult because of the hours spent sitting, but carpel tunnel syndrome is also a really big reality for people spending hours on keyboards. Stress Balls help combat carpel tunnel symptoms too. Sizes and preferences vary, starting with the size of a racquetball  and up to larger sizes.

Stress Ball varieties include, but are not limited to:

A ball – Stringy Ball Stress Ball – A Ball on a leash – No chasing after this one if it slips from your grasp and falls to the floor, or behind a cabinet.  Attach the flexible cord to your wrist or palm. This special ball comes with an exercise diagram and videos to help you relieve stress and to train you to relax.

StringyBall Stress Ball on a String – Perfect For Stress Relief, Hand Exercise, Strengthening, Rehabilitation – Soft Density Ball with Exercise Guide – No Falling or Rolling Away (Soft – Yellow)

Or maybe you want and need something that not only can you squeeze and squish, but you can also pull and stretch. The squeezing movement you perform helps to release endorphin’s in your brain that allow stress to release, and acts as a calming influence. Focus, concentrate and relax with this variety of stress balls you can squeeze and stretch!

Neliblu Pull and Stretch Squeeze Stress Ball and Puffer Balls Toys, Assortment 12-Pack

But, maybe you just want a big stress ball to smash and throw against a wall, or smash into your desk. Get a big size stress ball and slam, smash or hit it, any way you want!

HooMore Jumbo Squishy Slow Rising Kawaii Sweet Scented Creamy Vent Charms Kid Toy Hand Pillow Toy, Stress Relief Toy Doll Gift Fun Large

3. Calm The  F*ck Down Adult Coloring Book
Your very own special coloring book-Adult coloring book. Probably not appropriate material for a corporate office, but for the home business owner, who just hung up from a botched order or a grumpy customer, it is perfect!
Or the parent who has a teenager at home-One day they will go away and come back with the realization that YOU have become their best friend and one of the smartest humans they ever met in their lives-But in the meantime you’ll wait for it.
Twenty-one (21) pages of adult coloring to help you, “Calm The F*ck Down.” You get two color pages to test your colors too, plus from easy to complex coloring detail, fun sayings and people, animals, fairies, and abstract drawings to color.

Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

4. emWave PC Stress Relief System HeartMath
Just a few of the benefits from this system help you to sustain, improve, manage, and conquer stress so you can move forward.  This device includes multiple views to see what your heart rate is doing, Interactive games to help train your mind, an emotion visualizer, and opportunities for you to make challenges for yourself – Plus conquer those challenges facing you. You’ll learn to identify the optimum state for your nervous system and use it to your advantage in work and play, or just for meditation and personal wellness.

emWave PC Stress Relief System

5. Executive Sand Box
Sometimes all you need is to let your mind wander to a place where relaxing feels easy. That’s where an Executive Sandbox can help. A sandbox can often trigger visual stimuli that serve to put you in a place of rest and relaxation immediately-Like the memory of a sandy, calm beach. One neat thing about these sand boxes is that they come in a variety of imaginative layouts and you can use Zen imagery to help combat stress .

Executive Sandbox – A Day at the Beach

AND Don’t forget  sandbox tools:  SPACECARE Magnetic Zen Sand Garden Box Set Toy for Magnetic Science,Stress Relief Creativity, Children Education

6. People I Want To Punch In The Face – Lined Notebook
Some people may need a couple of these. This is not the journal you want to keep in your corporate desk area, but it is ideal for those of you working from home or Day Traders needing to keep a list of stock promoters on hand!

Other than that it makes a great book for people surrounded by idiots. Just the process of making lists helps refocus that unharnessed or misdirected energy and lets you refocus on what’s important – AFTER you make your list. But if you keep this at your corporate office you may just want to use it for your grocery lists.

People I Want To Punch In The Face – Lined Notebook

7. Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband
Muse is a headset that with a goal to help put your mind at ease. It’s a meditation tool that uses brain sensing technology to determine if your mind is calm or active. It gives you nature audio cues to help guide you toward serenity. Your anxiety levels determine calm or anxious and those signals from the headband are alerted to play sounds from nature.  If you’re calm you will hear beach sounds and if you begin to become anxious and stressed it plays intensifying weather conditions like a rain forest.  This will signal you to take a few deep breathes and focus on getting back to the business or task at hand (from the beach).

Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband, Black

8. USB Powered WAP Wearable Air Purifier for Travel Car Home Office, 3-in 1 HEPA Air Filter, Negative Ion Generator & Aroma Diffuser for Virus Dust Protection, Asthma & Allergy, Stress Relief, Ozone Free
Stinking Thinking – The air that you breathe can be the thing that stimulates your senses to sabotage your thought processes – Especially if you have a traveling office, find yourself in temporary headquarters, travel frequently, often stay in hotels, or primarily take public transportation. This efficient, lightweight, sleek and low volume noise air purifier is worn around the neck.
HEPA filter and Ozone-Free Negative Ions remove harmful airborne particles, virus and bacteria in the air. WAP’s Aroma Diffuser provides Natural Organic Aroma. WAP’s Healthy Air heals your body and mind when your focus, clarity and energy just stinks!

USB Powered WAP Wearable Air Purifier for Travel Car Home Office, 3-in 1 HEPA Air Filter, Negative Ion Generator & Aroma Diffuser for Virus Dust Protection, Asthma & Allergy, Stress Relief, Ozone Free

9. Adult blanky-Calming Covers. Weighted blanket for adults/kids. Helps with focus, calm, and sleep
An adult blanky-the next best thing to a binky.  This tactile calming influence is to help get you out of a slump and get back to those ‘feel good’ thoughts and actions that keep you focused. These weighted blankets are great distractions and help reduce anxiety, re-direct your focus, and keep you calm when things aren’t going your way.
If all your senses have gone into overdrive and you need some tranquility to help let go of stress, then just a few minutes meditation with this calming, weighted blanket can help.

Calming Covers. Weighted blanket for adults/kids. Helps with focus, calm, and sleep. 1 large 53” x 41” 9 lb weighted blanket. (Grey Wolf)

10. Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief
Tactile relief even for a few seconds or a minute or two often helps remove mind barriers that keep us from being productive with your day or  work task. These magnetic balls form various, different structures that you design. They are a great tool to help you focus on duties and tasks, and help give you creative ideas for solutions to what may have seemed like a difficult problem.
Before your mind began to wander, you were probably stuck in a mindset, or an old set of problem solving skills that weren’t effective.
Allowing yourself to become distracted so you can refocus stimulates your mind so your creative juices flow.  Small gadgets for when you need to re-energize, give clarity to confusion, and empower yourself to move forward again. And for when you need something to fidget with that’s not too big!

Mo yan lin Useful Glantop Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toy for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief (Set of 160 Balls, 1 Magnet Base)

11. Bonsai Tree Starter Kit
Get back to nature by staying inside. Bonsai trees are perfect for home office or desk area. They need attention just enough to give you a much needed break from monotony, and a pleasant task to perform that doesn’t take too much time. Expensive garden tools are not required. Plus you get the bonus of seeing the fruits of your work growing and improving along the way. One other great thing about a Bonsai tree is that you don’t have to have a green thumb to make it grow. You’ll get simple to follow directions on planting, growing and watering that you can enjoy right at your desk.

Planters’ Choice Bonsai Starter Kit – the Complete Kit to Easily Grow 4 Bonsai Trees from Seed with Comprehensive Guide & Bamboo Plant Markers – Unique Gift Idea (Bonsai)

12. Ever popular but not such a great idea for school classrooms are Fidget Spinners 
Anxiety Stress Relief Fidget Spinner: A Calming Toy. Developed and designed by Freelove, as the ultimate spinner. This is a perfect distraction for home or office when you just can’t focus and need that ‘quick fix,’ to tackle the tension and anxiety of a new task or to relieve deadline pressure for those important projects. The spinner itself moves smoothly and quietly so that you’re not distracted or irritated with noise. The internal spinning section is soothing to watch.  Spinners can help people relax, focus, maintain their calm, and improve a bad mood. It also aids when you are feeling depressed, worried, or fearful.

FREELOVE 9 Series Gear Pure Copper Brass Fidget Spinner Toy EDC Industrial Mechinery Disassemble R188 Silent Stainless Steel Bearing,3~5 minutes (7 Gear Wind Fire Wheel Silver, 7 Gear Wind Fire Wheel)

13. ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation
Some customers and some bosses are – simply put – A pain in the ass. You may feel the stress and strain in your shoulders, neck and back, but it doesn’t have to stay there. Use this acupressure mat and pillow set to reduce pain, experience relaxation, reduce stress, improve circulation, and increase energy from a comfortable position that offers full support.
Because this is one of those gadgets that really only works laying down, you’ll need a home office to take full advantage of it during the day. But it – also – makes a great gift for after work relaxation for the people you love whose jobs require dealing with stressful people and situations during the day, like teachers, anyone with a sitting job, firemen, production workers, nurses and doctors . . .

ProSource Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation